Meeting Minutes for the Oct. 3rd - 5th 2016 meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana

The members of the guild arrived on Monday October 3, 2016 for breakfast at 7:00am and the Round table sessions began at 8:00.                       

Sean Collins reviewed the details of the meeting. Dan covered the week’s event schedule.

The following companies were represented; CMC TX, CMC AL Nucor Seattle, Charter Steel Cleveland, Charter Steel Saukville, Electralloy, Nucor Crawfordsville SDI Columbia City, SDI Pittsboro, North American Hoeganaes and IVACO Rolling Mills.

Sean then ask the group for nominations from the floor for vice president.

Next Sean started the round table session by review a new process in the round table development to organize the round table topics by grouping began at 8:10 with questions from the floor.

Turnover in personnel has led to retraining supervision coming from the floor to supervision?  The group discussed the process of developing ownership in the area and its importance. General training is equally important. The discussion went on about apprentice training programs

What are other shops doing to control water quality in the shop water system. The discussion focused around water glycol and how to remove it from the water system but also how to prevent the leaks in the hoses and lines. Leak detection systems were covered as well. One shop uses a glycol coagulation chemical. But some of these created other issued in corrosively of the equipment.

Crane reliability in the electronic side of the controls within the melt shop environment? Leaird was one company mentioned for the radio control, Cat tron was another. How often are the crane brakes checked? Day shift and every other day the brakes are inspected. Control panel AC units were discussed and the dangers in keeping the box too cold and creating condensation causing short outs with the electronics.

Took a break at 9:00

We started back at 9:10

Is it normal for production not to communicate process changes that impact maintenance reliability until after they have do it? This has been an age old problem but most shops have made improvements in the communications area over the years. But more needs to be done.

What are other shops doing to reduce duct over temps after putting in burners. There was a discussion on break flange gaps, water flow, and chemical analysis of duct gases.  The second half of the conversation went into the “B” phase mast cylinder over heating as well and the group provided multiple items to look at to correct the problem.

Are any shops doing anything on panel leak detection? Past papers were discussed but most have not been reliable.

Do any shops have a crane motor gear box ect on a schedule for change out based on max life expectancy’s? Different shop presented the different levels of predictability use in their respective shops. Developing Historical data is critical in developing a reliable predictability system.

Who uses Elvira to establish repetitive or predictive maintenance schedules for melt shop equipment wearable items? Conform IT was one mentioned

What are other shops doing in regards to grounding equipment and it proper allocation? Particularly a process during down days to make sure grounds that are installed are removed prior to start up? The group reviewed the different requirements they have and how it is documented and signed off. Intellect software was discussed as a way to develop a complete accident investigation program.

Took a break at 10:40

We started back at 10:50

Does anyone us a panel tracking system for the furnace panels. The group discussed different way and methods used to tack the life of panels.

How often do other shops clean there steam ejector system? The reviewed the different maintenance practices.

Has anyone changed a tundish rotary cylinder? Most have not had any trouble.

Does anyone have procedures for removing large diameter bearings? Portable cages and different process reviews were discussed.

Do other shops work in pairs? This generated a discussion safety and managing resources. The safety conversation carried on for a long time covering different safety programs and how the reduced near misses and preventative actions in their shops.

Does any use portable scales to determine if a lift is too heavy to lift? This was in regards to back safety making sure no lifts more than they are aware of.

What type of pipe are other shops using for their carbon systems? Abresist and Stein Flexible Ceramic lined Conveying hose products were discussed.

What are other shops using for CMMC? SAP, Orical, Tabware and others were discussed.

The group broke for lunch at 12:00

The group returned from lunch at 1:10

We use Vibration monitoring on select gear boxes and cranes. Does anyone use this on other equipment? There are shop that use this on multiple different equipment with good results.

Does anyone use real time monitoring? Some do but most shops are using the manual monitoring on down days. Different companies were mentioned and used for these services with mixed reviews.

What types of grease system are used on the run out tables? Farval, Dinapower and other companies were discussed.

Does anyone know a good crane drive experts. Simmers Crane was mentioned with good reviews from multiple shops. Magnatech was another one with good reviews.

We are have an energy study on the backup generators and EPA say’s the not compliant with emission control. Is any other shops dealing with this issue? The group discussed the different issues from state to state.

What are other shops doing to remove the torch kerf? Currently using jack hammers to do it but need an automatic system.

Did anyone ever have a stopped strand without closing the stopper rod? The group discussed different ways but the Vesuvius system was discussed with good results.

Who is responsible for setting value of spare parts? Some said accounting and others said stores with a person that has maintenance background. The group discussed different situations that dictate different processes. The conversation then moved to inventory control and cost control.

What are shop doing to look for cost saving? Air/gas leaks was discussed, with Auburn environmental using a camera to find leaks with great success. LED lights were also discussed along with variable drive utilizations in hydraulics, air compressors and other on demand motor systems. Burner purge system savings, motor variable speed starter controls, some shops with have a different results with different suppliers. Off gas analyzers were another area available for cost savings in carbon and gases consumed.

 What shops are complying to be “Certified” Crane operator? The group discussed different scenarios of compliance. A lot of the shop are just now getting in to this as well. Most shops are using the mobile crane supplier to do the certification training.

Took a break at 2:45

We started back at 2:55

What are other shop doing in near miss tracking and response? The group discussed this at great length and comparing how each shop handles recording, corrective actions and it tracking to measure effectiveness of the programs.

Are any shop doing risk assessment in there safety program development? Most shops do along with changing the culture on safety and getting everyone involved in it development and monitoring.

What is the average life of the D-1 thru D-3 duct sections in other shops? Everything from Pipe material such as carbon steel, 2-1/4 Chrome, bronze, Inconel, domestic vs import pipe and coatings were discussed at great length.

How do shop handle bearing inventory in regards to setting on the shelf to long? Do you have your supplier cycle them to keep them fresh? Large bearing storage was discussed as well with the focus on storage tank system.

Does anyone use vendor management for panels? Melter and Amerifab were two mentioned.

The group discussed Electrical Energy rates and how they handle peak load or high demand curtailment.

Do any of the maintenance guys get into slag development? Most shops let that to production groups.

Who is doing the PM’s on the EAF’s in your shops? Some shop have production involved and maintenance.

Does anyone use a UE ultrasound frequency monitoring to control over greasing bearings during PM’s? Some were, not many.

Do any shops bring in outside “non-resident” people for maintenance outage? Most shops will have their employees working with them to make sure it is done safely and correctly. Other shop have worked with and developed there contractors to count on them to be work independently.

Who does LOTO procedures for electrical systems? Most shops use the 110v down anyone and 110v up is electricians.

How does everyone handle LOTO of magnets? With disconnect on cranes do you go up or rely on lights to tell you it’s off? Long discussion on this was held.

Who’s using electrode adding robots XO was mentioned.

Mark discussed nominees for vice president and the group voted by voice vote Bill Hosmer of CMC Alabama was elected the new Vice president.

The round table finished at 5:00 pm.

This meeting the members will be on their own for dinner and return to the hotel for the Hospitality room activities from 7 till 11.

The group started off Tuesday with breakfast from 7:00 to 8:00.

The group boarded the bus at 8:00 for the tour of SDI Pittsboro Facility. The group then returned to the Hotel at 11:45.

At 12:00 the members broke for lunch

Sean opened the Technical session with updates for the day and reminded everyone that an attendance to provide Mark with their business cards for the attendee list. This will be emailed to the attendees later in the week. All papers will be available for review on our web site.

Sean made the introduction for our first presentation at 1:05.

Nenad Butch Radoja of Connors Industrial presenting a paper titled “AUTOMATED THERMOGRAPHY FOR PRIMARY STEELMAKING AND MAINTENANCE". Butch finished the presentation at 1:30 and took questions from the floor.

After a short break Sean introduced our second paper at 1:40.  

Nick Jones of Leybold Oerlikon presenting a paper titled, "STEAM EJECTOR VACUUM SYSTEMS FOR VACUUM STEEL DEGASSING PROCESSES." Nick finished the presentation at 2:10 and took questions from the floor.

After a short break Sean introduced our third paper at 2:20

 J. Michael Kiss of Kiss Technologies presenting a paper titled "OPTIMIZATION OF CASTER OSCILLATORS". Michael finished the presentation at 2:55 and took questions from the floor.

Sean made the introduction for our fourth presentation at 3:15

Russ Bauer of Kalenborn Abresist presenting a paper titled “ABRASION RESISTANT MATERIALS IN THE STEEL INDUSTRY”. Russ finished the presentation at 3:45 and took questions from the floor.

Sean made the introduction for our fourth presentation at 4:55

Chris Allen of Conveyor Guarding presenting a paper titled “TO THE POINT WITHOUT A PINCH: THE RIGHT WAY TO GUARD” Chris finished the presentation at 5:25 and took questions from the floor.

 We broke for the afternoon to prepare for the evening dinner. At 6:00 the members gathered in the Ballroom for a hospitality mixer. At 7:00 dinner was served. At 8:30 we were able to hear our guest speaker Kale Heibult Melt / Cast Manager of SDI Pittsboro.                 

On Wednesday October 5th, at 9:00 the members attending enjoyed a round of golf at West Chase Golf Course.